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[Book of the Month - Monthly Specials]

APRIL 2017

Each Month G.I.L. Publications presents affordable Specials on sound Christian literature for our loyal readers. This month we feature:

Bible Word Search
Volume II: Women in the Bible

(8.5 x 11)

LARGE PRINT Bible Word Search, Volume 2: Women in the Bible

(5.5 x 8.5)

Bible Word Search, Volume II: Women in the Bible


  • 82 Challenging Puzzle with Scriptures
  • Up to 30 words per puzzles
  • Scriptures on Women in the Bible
  • Optional Large Print for easy reading
  • Have some fun while reading the Word of God!

Regular $7.95
Only $5.00
this month
That’s 37% off
Save $3.00


Regular $7.95
Only $5.00
this month
That’s 37% off
Save $3.00

Bible Word Search, Volume II: Women in the Bible is one of our most popular Puzzles with Scriptures books.

Women (and men) all over the country and abroad are able to read about the struggles and victories of women in the Bible and have some fun with the puzzles at the same time!

This month – these two books are available to you at a huge discount!

ENJOY – and – feel free to buy a few copies and spread them around to your friends, family, neighbors and fellow church members.

P.S. Ask us about how to do Fund Raising for ministry purposes with Bible Word Search Books.

Only $5.00 each

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We thank you for your support of our publishing ministry and pray that you will continue to be enriched by books from G.I.L. Publications.

God Bless You!

Akili Kumasi

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Book Contents
~ Puzzles with scriptures ~

Old Testament

1) A Virtuous Woman
2) Abigail
3) Bathsheba
4) Daughters of Men
5) Daughters of Zelophehad
6) Deborah
7) Delilah
8) Dinah
9) Esther
10) Eve
11) Great Woman of Shunem
12) Hagar
13) Hannah
14) Jael
15) Jephthah’s Daughter
16) Jezebel
17) Jochebed, Moses’ Mother
18) Leah
19) Lot’s Wife and Daughters
20) Maid of Naaman’s Wife
21) Michal
22) Miriam
23) Naomi
24) Pharaoh’s Daughter
25) Potiphar’s Wife
26) Proverbs: Women, Wives, Mothers
27) Queen of Sheba
28) Rachel
29) Rahab
30) Rebekak
31) Rizpah
32) Ruth
33) Samson’s Mother
34) Sarah
35) Solomon’s Wives
36) Tamar
37) Two Harlot Mothers (with Solomon)
38) Vashti
39) Widow of Zarephath
40) Widow’s Oil
41) Wise Woman of Abel
42) Woman of Thebez
43) Woman with Familiar Spirit at Endor
44) Zipporah, Moses’ Wife

New Testament

45) A Woman’s Beauty is Measured By
46) Afflicted Daughter of Abraham
47) Anna, The Prophetess
48) Daughters of Jerusalem
49) Demon Possessed Damsel
50) Dorcas (Tabitha)
51) Elizabeth
52) Euodia and Syntche
53) Godly Wives
54) Herodias and the Beheading of John the Baptist
55) Jairus’ Daughter
56) Jesus’ Sisters
57) Lydia
58) Mary and Martha with Lazarus
59) Mary and Martha: Only One Thing is Needed
60) Mary Anoints Jesus, Woman with Alabaster Box
61) Mary Magdalene
62) Mary, Mother of James and Joses
63) Mary, Mother of Jesus
64) Mary, Mother of Mark John, with Rhoda
65) Persistent Widow
66) Peter’s Mother-In-Law
67) Pheobe
68) Pilate’s Wife
69) Priscilla
70) Salome, Mother of Zebedee’s Children
71) Samarian Woman by Jacob’s Well
72) Sapphira, Ananias’ Wife
73) Spiritual Motherhood
74) Ten Virgins
75) Widow Who Gave Two Mites
76) Woman Caught In Adultery
77) Woman Who Begged for Daughter’s Healing
78) Woman With the Issue of Blood
79) Women in Church
80) Women with Jesus

Two Bonus Puzzles
81) Aged and Young Women
82) Widows and Idle Women

Puzzle Solutions