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July Special

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Cover God's Healing Scripture: The Prayers and The Promises for Healing in the BibleThis monthís special is my most recent book, Godís Healing Scriptures: The Prayers and The Promises for Healing in the Bible. This is not a book of preaching or pushing any particular doctrine. It is simply a compilation of 240 scriptures on healing from the King James Version of the Bible.

I put this book together because it is one of my passions to know the truth about Godís promise for healing. In my personal study, I kept looking for something that had all the scriptures in one place - so I could get to them easily Ė but I did not find what I needed (except for the Bible itself). So I started making a multitude of lists and printing tons of scriptures. I had papers stuffed in file folders and binders and a host internet links. I figured if I was looking for a composite of scriptures on healing Ė then others were too. So thus a book idea was born.

I am confident that this Biblical reference book will be of great value to students of Godís Word who are looking for the truth of what God says on healing.

For the month of July, Godís Healing Scriptures: Prayers and Promises for Healing in the Bible is available at a very low 40% off the regular price of $9.95. Please take as many copies as you would like at only $5.95 each.


Much thanks to all of you.

God Bless You All In Jesusí Precious Name!

Akili Kumasi

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