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G.I.L. Publications’ Books have Godly content and are made from superior quality materials. That means exceptional values!

As one of our readers recently wrote:

Thank you so much for these Word Search Puzzles. They are sturdy – no pencil can punch a hole through the pages. They are a personal Bible Study and keep me interested in what the Bible says. They are worth the money and they make great gifts. (J.B., Sept. 18, 2014)

Just select your books on the order form and mail in right away.

Much thanks to all of you. God Bless You In Jesus’ Precious Name!

Akili Kumasi

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Choose any combination from the books below:

    • Volume I: Extracts from the Bible
    • Volume II: Women in the Bible
    • Volume III: Fathers in the Bible
    • Volume IV: Prayers in the Bible
    • Volume V: Victories in the Bible
    • Volume VI: Parables in the Bible
    • Volume VII: Promises in the Bible
  • Christian Word Search Puzzles,
    Volume One: Foundations in the Bible

  • Fun Meals for Fathers and Sons:
    Recipes & Activities for Bonding and Mentoring

  • On the Outside Looking In:
    Hope for Separated Fathers Who Want to be Good Fathers

  • Fatherhood Principles of Joseph the Carpenter:
    Godly Examples of Fatherhood

  • God’s Healing Scriptures:
    240 Prayers and Promises for Healing in the Bible

  • 101 Women in the Bible:
    Bible Scriptures and Biblical Lessons

  • 101 Prayers in the Bible
    Bible Scriptures and Biblical Lessons

  • 101 Victories in the Bible
    Bible Scriptures and Biblical Lessons

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