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Ten Years and Counting!

The God Is Love Ministries (and its publishing arm, G.I.L. Publications) was founded in January 2003. In the first ten years we completed 21 publications. This includes the internationally popular Original Bible Word Search Series of seven books and two other series, one in Christian Fatherhood and the other on OverComer Scriptures.

Now, we have upgraded some of our winning publications and are adding more series. Our newest series starts with Christian Word Search Puzzles, Volume One: Foundations in the Bible.

G.I.L. Publications books are offered in four different formats:

  1. Paperback Books - Mailed to You
  2. E-Books - You Download & Print on our Printer
  3. E-Books - Mailed to you on a CD
  4. Kindle Reader Edition -
    for Fatherhood books and 101 in the Bible books only

G.I.L. Publications books can be purchsed from a variety of outlets

  1. Get the best deals on our website -
  2. Paperback Books - Print Order Form and mail in with Check or Money Order
  3. - See Akili's Author Page - G.I.L. Publications Books on Amazon
  4. Please ask your local Christian Bookstore to stock our books
  5. [More Coming Soon]

We thank you for taking the time to visit our Publishing Ministry website and hope you will share what we are doing with others! Please give us your comments or questions (See below) and let us know what you like. Please give us your suggestions for articles, books and other features. We look forward to hearing from you and always enjoy the feedback.

Please pray for us and the continued success in this publishing ministry. We thank you and God Bless you all!

Akili and Daisy Kumasi
G.I.L. Publications

P.S. Please enjoy one of our favorite songs by The Hoppers, "Mention My Name"

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