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Zechariah and Elizabeth

Zechariah and Elizabeth

I was reading Chapter One of the Gospel of Luke one morning and was especially struck by the plight of Elizabeth. When Elizabeth acknowledged her pregnancy for her son to be John the Baptist she said:

The Lord has done this for me. In these days he has shown his favor and taken away my disgrace among the people. (Luke 1:25 NIV)

The word that struck me was disgrace. Elizabeth was disgraced because she was an elderly woman who was barren. She had no children. She lived her life in disgrace because it was expected of women to have children and she could not. But God had another plan for her.

Let us look at her life briefly. Her husband Zechariah was a priest serving at the temple. They lived a righteous life observing all the commandments. They were blameless (holy) in God's sight (v. 6). They prayed for children, yet they thought that God had not answered their prayers. Thus, Elizabeth lived in disgrace.

God had a Plan for Zechariah and Elizabeth

This Godly couple gives us a very good example of why we should not give up on God. They lived their lives right - yet they were not blessed with what they prayed for. Had they given up on God then they would have missed God's blessing.

Often God has a plan for us that we cannot know (or understand) until God reveals it to us. Here are some lessons from Zechariah and Elizabeth:

  1. Elizabeth was barren for God's purpose.
  2. She suffered a life of disgrace for that same purpose.
  3. It was the plan of God. God was not ready to bless them with a child until the time was right for His purpose.
  4. God needed Elizabeth to be barren so that He could bless her with a special son.
  5. Their misfortune was not their fault. It was not a punishment for doing wrong.
  6. They could not have changed their situation until God was ready for His purposes.
  7. What they thought was disgrace was actually God's preparation for them to birth and raise the forerunner of Christ!

Therefore, when it seems that God does not hear your prayer - keep praying. Wait on God by preparing yourself for His miracle in your life. Ask God to reveal to you His plan. Be patient and don't give up, God might not be done yet!

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