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How To Conduct a Book Signing Event

How To Conduct a Book Signing Event


  1. Purpose

    A book signing is a event where you introduce yourself to a reading audience and you offer your book for sale. You want to create interest in your book while building your Author Platform. A book signing is an opportunity to build relationships with people both book sellers and book buyers.

  2. The Event

    The book signing event is best held at a Christian bookstore, your church or another venue where you can expect Christian book buyers to be in attendance, especially those buyers with an interest in your topic whether it is a fiction book or non-fiction.

  3. Your Expectations

    The most important thing about doing a book signing is to manage your expectations. Don't expect to sell out of your books, especially if you are a new author. However, if you already have an Author Platform with a large following, you should expect to do well, in terms of unit sales. The best thing you can do is create enthusiasm for your topic and have your book signing when and where people with similar interest will be in attendance. Your Christian book should do well at your church, especially if you do the proper advance work (described below).

    Always be upbeat, always. You might sit there for the whole event and sale little or nothing and then in the last few minutes the heavens can open up and multiple buyers of multiple copies just seem to come out of nowhere.

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