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Are You A Christian Author?

Are Yor A Christian Author?

Two of the biggest questions that new Christian writers face are �Should I be writing?� or �How do I get started?� The questions do not always come so clearly. They are often disguised as:

�Am I hearing from God correctly?� or
�Did God really say that to me?� or
�Does God really want to use me as a writer?�

Yes He does!

Remember it is the devil�s job to sew confusion, doubt and uncertainty in order to slow us down. He wants to discourage us so we quit. But do not let the enemy have that kind of power over you.

If you have a word from God and the desire and ability to write then you should write. If you are not writing and publishing then you are letting God down by your inaction. If God meant for you to write then he also meant for someone to read your writing and be blessed, informed or encouraged by what you write.

How Do I Know That God Called Me to Write?

Well, if you are reading this then that is a good indication that you have an idea that you are suppose to write. Of course in all matters, I suggest you seek counsel from the Godly Pastor of your church whose spiritual covering you sit under. However, I also suggest you answer the following questions which could be helpful in your deliberations with your Pastor.

  1. Does it burn inside of you to write Godly messages, poems, stories, Bible studies or the like?
  2. Do you have the skill to write (or are you willing and able to learn the skill)?
  3. When you read or study God�s word do you have an incurable desire to write what you have learned, so you can tell other people about Him or His word?
  4. Are you already in ministry with a series of messages or the like that you want to see in print?

I believe that if you answered yes to at least 3 of the questions above then you are a Christian writer and should be writing what you earnestly believe God has told you to put on paper or publish in a book. Again, I suggest you confirm this with the Biblically-sound pastoral leadership at your church.

Let�s look at it another way. If I loved to sing, had a great voice and woke up every morning singing gospel and other Christian songs and hymns, if I constantly imagined myself leading people in singing praises to our God, if I had written many songs in my head to the One and Only True God, and if my Biblically-sound Pastor told me that I have a talent and a gift from God to lead praise and worship - then I would conclude that I have a calling to be a praise and worship leader. At that point I should put myself toward developing in that area.

But, if I could not carry a tune and I had stage-fright and I did not see myself singing before the Lord, then I would have no business trying to lead praise and worship as a calling.

God told us in His word that there is only One Spirit but many gifts (1 Corinthians 12:1-31). There are also many talents and each of us needs to understand where we are and pursue those gifts and talents that God has given to each of us for the edification of the Kingdom of God.

If writing is your calling � then write � everyday!

How Do I Know What God Wants Me to Write?

Simple, what has God been telling you over and over and over again? What burns inside of you to tell people that will help them in their walk with God? What message have you had confirmed or verified by your Biblically-sound pastoral leadership? That�s what you should write about and as you do it, God will again confirm for you that you are on the right track. If you do not get that confirmation or what some people call that �witness in your spirit� then re-think what you are doing because If God told you to do it � AND - you are listening, then you will know.

I encourage you to read another article helpful to Christian writers, �An Open Letter to Christian Authors: Write the Vision.� Read the Vision Article This article can be helpful to understanding your role as a Christian writer and the impact that you can have on the building of the Kingdom of God and bringing people to Jesus.

God�s love to all of you,

Akili Kumasi
G.I.L. Publications

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