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Book Reviews Sell Books

Book Reviews Sell Books

Reviews sell Books. All the bookselling experts will tell you the same thing, “Reviews sell Books!” This is a fundamental point that should not go unnoticed.

What Is A Book Review?

A book review is an evaluation of a book by a reviewer. A book review should tell what the book is generally about (sometimes a summary), whether the author covered the topic adequately or told the story with interest and appeal, and if the book was worth reading. Many reviewers will also mention something about the book that they believe could be improved in the writing style or topic coverage. Ultimately, reviewers are giving their opinion about whether their audience should buy the book or not.

There are two basic types of book reviews. The first type of book review is written for industry buyers at bookstores, libraries, distributors and wholesalers and is published in the book industry’s standard publications. The second type of book review is for individual readers who buy from bookstores or read library copies. These reviews can be seen in newspapers, magazines and on websites.

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