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Fun Meals for Fathers and Sons

Fun Meals for Fathers and Sons:
Recipies and Activities for Bonding and Mentoring

Paperback Book
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What is Fun Meals?

Fun Meals For Fathers and Sons

  • Fun Meals for Fathers and Sons has two sections: Recipes and Activities.
  • Both sections provide recipes for fun, adventure and excitement that helps in the bonding process for boys and their fathers.
  • All the recipes are very simple and easy to make.
  • All of the activities are centered around a meal but can be done with your own creativity.
  • Your children will look forward to them.
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The Importance of Bonding and Mentoring

Cooking and Eating Utensils

Fun Meals Recipes

Breakfast Recipes

RailRoad Eggs
Eggs and Cheese on Toast
Grilled Cornbread Muffins and Syrup
Waffles and Bacon Sandwich
Chicken and Waffles
Bacon, Tator Tots and Ketchup
French Toast

Lunch Recipes

Daddy Dogs
Chili Cheese Dogs
Egg Salad and Cheez-Its
Tuna and Crackers
Hot Dogs, Crackers and Cheese
Leftover Turkey and Crackers
Netfa’s Platter
Pretzels and Soup
The Hero
Turkey, Lettuce, Cheese and Potato Chip Sandwich
The Twists

Dinner Recipes

Mess ‘em Up Jax
Fried Chicken Sandwich
Asiedu’s Finger Foods
Buffalo Wings
Lumpy Burgers
Chicken Wings
Uncle Siasa’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich – with Pickles
Mexican Tacos
HomeMake Pizza
Pizza Dogs

Outdoor Dishes

Grilled Hamburgers
Yellow Chicken
Roasted Marshmallows
Hanger HotDogs


AGC Fizz
OJ and 7-Up
HomeMade Lemonade
Fruit Punch and Lemonade
Grape Juice and Orange Juice
Chocolate Explosion

Bread and Potatoes

Garlic and Cheese Bread
Cheese Toast
Bacon and Cheese Bread
Tator Tots
Silver Dollar French Fries
Boiled Potatoes Creations


Fruit Salad
Busy Salad

Desserts and Snacks

Kid Pops
Popcorn and Orange Juice
Cookies and Ice Cream
RootBeer Float
Strawberry ShortCake
Brownies and Whipped Cream

Fun Meals Activities

Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Picnic at Work
Deck Sandwich
Back Yard Dinner
Midnight Snack
Rubber Target
Fast Food
Slow Food
I Scream, You Scream
Pizza, Pizza
Bike Ride
Tour Boat Lunch
Have Lunch, Will Travel
Park It Here
Mountain High
Take a Hike
Tent City
Fish Sandwich
At the Mall
No Talking in the Library
Sky King
Live Chicken Dinner
Breakfast at the Beach
Let’s Go to the Movie

Fun Meals for Fathers and Sons:
Recipies and Activities for Bonding and Mentoring

Paperback Book
Reg. $5.95
Now Only $4.95
$1.00 Off

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