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The Power
of the Blood of Jesus

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God’s Power Comes Through the Blood

Although the Blood is arguably the most important aspect of God’s saving grace in the Bible, it is also, potentially the most misunderstood!

Herein is an inspirational account of the importance of Jesus dying on the Cross. Why was He sacrificed and what does that mean for you today? This book makes it understandable – from the Jewish sacrifices in the Old Testament to the Spiritual Power Jesus’ death makes available to us today. Andrew Murray takes the mystery out of it all. He gives the reader a precious clarity – with his no-nonsense Biblical explanation.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: What The Scriptures Teach About The Blood
Chapter Two: Redemption By Blood
Chapter Three: Reconciliation Through The Blood
Chapter Four: Cleansing Through The Blood
Chapter Five: Sanctification Through The Blood
Chapter Six: Cleansed By The Blood To Serve The Living God
Intercourse Through The Blood
Chapter Seven: Dwelling In “The Holiest” Through The Blood
Chapter Eight: Life In The Blood
Chapter Nine: Victory Through The Blood
Chapter Ten: Heavenly Joy Through The Blood

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The Power of the Blood of Jesus